Allowing the Mrs drive!

OK, so am sweating my pants like seriously, and it can’t be because I let my wife drive herself unsupervised for the first time to work is it? After all what could possibly go wrong? Or could the car suddenly decide to act up today sensing something strange as well? Yeah! I allow her drive […]

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The season to be merry?

So it’s the first of December and am sure everyone knows it’s that time of the year again, when parents start planning how to surprise their kids, or buy them awesome gifts including where to take them to. ( like we don’t do these things all year round) Well my wife and I seem to […]

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when you said ” I do”.

When u said I do! when you said i do, I wasn’t sure if you knew. that this love I promise would be to you, refreshing and pleasant yet forever new. I know my gift’s might be so few, but the words from my lips are all so true, and if in the future you […]

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