The season to be merry?

So it’s the first of December and am sure everyone knows it’s that time of the year again, when parents start planning how to surprise their kids, or buy them awesome gifts including where to take them to. ( like we don’t do these things all year round)

Well my wife and I seem to be having some difficulties seeing that we are in a new city and have limited options in the area of fun stuff, and we have actually bought more stuff online since we moved here than we have done in our entire lives.

I guess in the area of gifts for the kids, it’s not much of a big issue seeing that my 3yr old daughter has been clamoring fora bicycle for the most part of the year (we live upstairs so I wonder where she would get to ride it) , as for my son, he seems to be so fascinated with chickens presently, am sure he wouldn’t mind a lorry load for Xmas.

Anyways the big question isn’t really about my kids, but my wife. See I have wanted to give her something special for quite sometime now, and her birthday was just in November and I also didn’t get her anything, so I seem to be looking for ideas here. For those who will read my post, I will appreciate suggestions on some kind of gift or romantic gesture that sure would momentarily take her breath away( no planning to be a widower anytime soon, so temporal breadth loss is cool) . So please am expecting those ideas and thoughts, and probably I would give a little something to the best idea out there.

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  1. Gerald Alexis says:

    As 4 those of us witout wifes n kids,its dat tym of d year wen we start tinkin nout wat 2 gt 4 our parents,siblings n girlfrnd or boyfrnd…As 4 wat 2 gt 4 ur wife,i sugest u do wat i did 4 my grlfrnd wich is tel her 2 go out n av fun wit her frnds(ofcourse u giv her cash) den clean,cuk n tak kia of d kids… N @ nyt wen d kids r aslip n u av d huse 2 urslfs turn of all d lites n av a romantic candle lite dina wit her wit sum red wine n no holds back…..##winks##…

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