Allowing the Mrs drive!

OK, so am sweating my pants like seriously, and it can’t be because I let my wife drive herself unsupervised for the first time to work is it? After all what could possibly go wrong? Or could the car suddenly decide to act up today sensing something strange as well?

Yeah! I allow her drive but only with me at the passengers seat, and actually she isn’t such a bad driver. and even though she has only been learning for a month now and with some occasional mistakes which all drivers make (yours truly excused), am still here on my couch fretting. Funny thing though, the idea to take the car to work this morning was mine, since I reasoned that I had to trust her with the family and castiel someday(that’s my car am talking about), but drivers here in port-harcourt aren’t exactly friendly on the road. Well I have decided to hold a prayer session throughout today until she returns home safe.

I guess my concern, which I would love to ask others is how soon is too soon to allow a leaner go on the express alone? Would appreciate comments and some personal experience from other ladies who remember what their first time was like could comment too!

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  1. sopuluchukwu says:

    Talk on am waiting

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